Defense based Mitigation Specialists

Defense based Mitigation Specialists

Defense based Mitigation SpecialistsDefense based Mitigation SpecialistsDefense based Mitigation Specialists


Wiggins vs. Smith – “Investigations into mitigating evidence should comprise efforts to discover all reasonable available mitigating evidence and evidence to rebut any aggravating evidence that may be introduced by the prosecutor.” Justice Sandra D. O’Connor, Wiggins v. Smith (2003).

Defense based Mitigation Services



We prepare mitigation arguments and sentencing memoranda raising characteristics identified through our investigation which are sanctioned under 3553 guidelines as grounds for a lower sentence through departure. 



In my role as a Mitigation Specialists I work with Defense Counsel, to manifest the most accurate pre-sentencing Report as well as interpret the complexities of the sentencing guidelines..I


We assist counsel with Objections to the presentence report, and we also assist defense attorneys in preparing case strategies prior to plea negotiations and/plea agreements.


Sentencing Mitigation Specialist




A mitigation specialist is someone who teams with defense counsel to provide supportive research and significant documented history of the defendant in relation to obtaining a lower term at sentencing strategy. 


This is extremely significant in the federal arena because of the impact the sentencing guidelines can have on the term the defendant is facing. 


This is done in an effort to humanize the defendant in the eyes of the court and present grounds for a lower sentence, mitigation experts identify grounds for departure/variances as sanctioned by the guidelines. 

Thorough preparation for sentencing is necessary if you want to increase your chances of receiving a "reasonable" sentence.


We strive for effective advocacy in assisting the client with receiving the lowest possible sentence by presenting all mitigating factors to the court for consideration of variance/downward departures.

We have provided mitigation assistance to clients through Defense Counsel since 2008. 

· When providing mitigation services, we scour all documentation looking for opportunities to better the client's potentially bleak situation.

We investigate to provide the sentencing court with characteristics of the defendant, childhood trauma, poverty, any circumstances that may have impacted their growth and development or any crisis that may have come about in their past.

· And, we also offer unbundles services, last minute pleadings for situations which may rise after counsel has left the case. 

This assistance may be in the form of pre-plea consulting, research assistance, and assist with composing alternate presentence reports, sentencing memorandum for clients.

 We also assist with objections to the presentence report for clients who are seeking in mitigation to lessen the impact of the federal sentencing guidelines on the term the court may impose.





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· Because Mitigation in the beginning stages of the proceedings is still a niche industry, the majority of defense attorneys don’t realize that mitigation reports in anticipation of sentencing can be a vital part of sentencing. Federal cases address the statutory sentencing factors enumerated in §3553(a). Presentation of artful expositions of mitigating factors in a client’s personal profile or offense conduct; challenges to the assumptions underlying the guidelines as applied to a particular client; articulating how the statutory objectives of sentencing would be achieved by a non-guidelines sentence; and helping the District Court frame a non-frivolous rationale for leniency.

More than 95% of all federal criminal cases end in conviction. Sentencing is often the most critical phase for the defendant. Prior to 2005, federal judges were bound by mandatory sentencing guidelines that severely limited their ability to deviate from the guidelines based on factors and circumstances specific to the defendant. This all changed in 2005 with U.S. v Booker, in which the Supreme Court of the United States held that the sentencing guidelines are advisory only, not mandatory.

For purposes of sentencing, federal judges must "impose a sentence sufficient, but not greater than necessary..." In addition to taking into account sentencing factors such as affording adequate deterrence, providing restitution to victims, and other policy concerns, federal judges must consider the nature and circumstances of the offense and the history and characteristics of the defendant. There is no limitation "on the information concerning the background, character, and conduct of a person convicted of an offense which a court may receive and consider for the purpose of imposing an appropriate sentence." Therefore, defendants who present compelling information to the court that may mitigate -or make less severe- the sentence handed down are greatly advantaged over those who do not.

Thorough preparation for sentencing is necessary if you want to increase your chances of receiving a "reasonable" sentence.

Please consider these facts;

Ninety-three percent of all federal cases result in a guilty plea,

Seventy-five percent of all Criminal Defendants who proceed to trial are convicted, Ninety-seven percent of criminal defendants, eighty-two percent of federal criminal defendants who are sentenced receive a prison term.

With those odds, shouldn’t you have a sentencing specialist on your team?

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So you are going to federal prison?

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Let us help you navigate the system.


We offer pre-incarceration preparation for the individual who is facing the   prospect of going to federal prison. Each of our consultants in this area   base their consultations on their own personal experience within the justice   system. They have a combined total of 20 years’ experience within male and   female facilities, white collar and drug offenses.

We do not use scare tactics, or promise access   to programs which you may or may not qualify for. We simply impart factual   information regarding the availability of programs to assist you in making   the transition and navigating the system once inside.

We are aware that this can be a very traumatic time for you and your family.   There may be many questions that require someone with the experience and back   ground to answer.

Our consultants, are male and female who have   served years, not months in federal bureau of prison facilities. We have kept   abreast with changes in the law, administrative procedures, sentencing   guidelines and BOP Programs, such as the Second Chance Act, which allows for   an increase in halfway house time up to one year.

We also provide last minute pleading preparation   services after counsel has left the case once sentencings proceedings have   concluded.

These may include;

assistance initiating the appellate process;
 motion for extension of time to surrender;
 motion for the return of property;

and also or other types of post-conviction motions prior to entering the   system. 

Teleconferencing is available and is the preferred method of   communication, since our clients are nationwide. To set up an appointment for   a consultation, contact us





After I was sentenced, I started googling and talking to sentencing consultants. I was a first time offender and began to get discouraged when I came across Arianne Armstrong’s website. Immediately I knew this was someone I could trust. Ann first gave me an overwhelming peace I needed to get through the next stages and hope. She was immediately able to help me file motions at a fraction of the cost of an attorney or other sentencing consultants. She was with me all the way through my incarceration and helped me navigate through the Bureau of Prisons. While I was incarcerated she was able to assist me in writing and filing an appeal. I regret I didn’t meet Ann during pre-trial because I am convinced my case would have turned out differently with her assistance and knowledge. I truly recommend anyone involved in a legal matter to have Arianne on your team. Thanks Arianne for all you have done!!!

Bedri Kulla

After having been sentenced Federal Court, I had many questions after counsel left the case. One evening while doing a Google search, I came across Arianne .Armstrong Consulting, a Federal Sentencing Consultant firm operated by Arianne Armstrong. Arianne took the time to return my call, listen and respond to my questions. She helped me file my appeal and other last minute motions for a lot less than an attorney would have charged me. She not only did the work for me, she was also support for me as this was my first time facing incarceration in my life. She was there from the beginning to the end. Arianne possesses client specific expertise in navigating the waters before and after conviction. Her assistance was invaluable to me. Also, Arianne never gave up on me even when times l was difficult to deal with. I would recommend Arianne to anyone that is in need of assistance and guidance, whether it is presentencing a to obtain the court’s consideration of a lower guideline, last minute motions, i.e. Notice of Appeal or Motion for Extension of Time to Surrender, both so which is what I needed, or guidance in navigating the system once incarcerated. My hat goes off to Arianne Armstrong, she knows her stuff, a person that you can trust and depend on at any stage of the proceedings. 

Forever Grateful, 



After finding ourselves attempting to navigate the Federal court system for the first time, our family was worried and afraid of what would happen, never having gone through it before.t Luckily, a family friend recommended Ms. Arianne Armstrong to us, who was more than willing to consult and assist us throughout the process. She went out of her way for us from the kindness of her heart, was incredibly professional, knowledgeable, and did her best every step of the way in bettering a scary situation for our family. Her consulting gave us some much-needed peace of mind. We are deeply grateful for the time and sincere efforts she put in helping our family's legal situation and would recommend her to anyone going through something similar.

Thank you,

Sahar A.


My name is Hedy During last year that we were going through the worst time of our life, Ms. Armstrong Consulting was the only Organization that came to our rescue and helped us. We were engaged in a fraudulent lawsuit and we were fighting a team of high profile attorneys. We had no money and we couldn’t find any Organization to help us and could no longer afford attorney fees. We were stuck in a situation that we lost our livelihood, house and a million dollar judgement against us. In those dark days that we had lost hope and we were not able to find any agencies or organizations to assist us, Ms. Armstrong and her Organization were referred to us by an attorney. 

I contacted Ms. Armstrong and to my surprise, she patiently listened to what had happened to us.

Arianne was so kind and caring and guided us to go through the process and informed us how to precede every step of the way. Ms. Armstrong told me that we could contact her any time of day or night.

I could not wish for a better knowledgeable friend to be on our side with the fight of our life. It was a blessing in those dark days, an angel who showed the path and guided us. I can’t thank her enough for her kindness and her knowledge.

I would like to give my gratitude to Ms. Armstrong and her Organization for being a beacon of hope and our savior in the most difficult time of our life.



In June 2012 my son was involved in a federal crime that involved major time. Needless to say my family and I were devastated to say the least; this was totally new to us all. Even though we hired an attorney here in Georgia, we felt a need for something else or additional help. My son suggested that we contact a sentencing consulting firm. One day feeling depress I went to the internet searching for a consulting firm to contact. After looking at several I did not feel a connection to any of them. Thank God for A. Armstrong, I came across her web site, was very impressed. The same day I contacted the firm and spoke to Ms Armstrong, it seems we talked for hours and had known each other for some time. During the conservation I felt a since of compassion, very knowledgeable with the federal laws regarding sentencing guidelines. A Armstrong is highly qualified in the federal consulting and been consulting for a number of years. Ms Armstrong has been a spirit lifter for me when it seem as though I was at my lowest point. Even though my son’s case is ongoing I still feel a sense of relief that things are going to work out well for him. We certainly appreciate the time she took to explain all the federal laws, sentencing guidelines containing to my son’s case. I highly recommend A. Armstrong Consulting to anyone caught up in the federal system; believe me you don’t know what you don’t know. Thank you very much for what you have done for my family on behalf of my son. The Slack Family

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